About Neuralet

    Galliot, a software company based in San Francisco, identified the lack of public content on edge ML and deep learning for developers and software engineers and decided to start an internal project to gather knowledge and educate its own team members.

    Neuralet was established by Galliot in 2019 as an internal Knowledge Base project. Subsequently, the team decided to open-source the models and contents online. Since then, Neuralet became one of the main open-source Edge AI project for developers and R&D teams. Neuralet's various projects have been featured by Google, NVIDIA, and the BBC among other websites and projects.

    Since we believe in the power of open-source, we have made it possible for you to collaborate with us. You can find our work on Github and Docker, discuss Edge ML with our community on Slack, and like and share our Tweets and LinkedIn posts. Lastly, if you have ave a specific project and you need help from our engineering team, please reach out to hello [at] neuralet [dot] com

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