is an open-source platform for edge deep learning models on GPU, TPU, and more.

Jetson Nano

Run image classification and object detection models based on MobileNet, EfficientNet, and other state-of-the-art architectures optimized using TensorRT on NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kits. See our Smart Social Distancing application based on MobileNet SSD V2. More models coming soon.

Edge TPU

Run highly optimized image classification and object detection models based on mobile-net, efficient-net and other state of the art architectures on Google's Coral Edge TPU. Support for more applications coming soon. Support is now available forCoral Dev Board andAMD64 + Coral USB Accelerator.


Neuralet is in beta and under active development. Help us support more models and hardware platforms by reaching out to ourGitHub repository orcontacting us.

Why Neuralet?

Neuralet can accelerate your evaluation and customization of popular deep learning models on edge devices by providing familiar and straightforward docker container packages that run with minimal effort.

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